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Marta Jorgensen is a writer who was born in New Jersey in the 1950’s and relocated to the Southern California Coast during the turbulent 60’s.  Marta is an urban story teller, pulling current events into film and song. She has delved into science fiction, animation, stories of post apocalyptic Earth, Leonardo da Vinci as a Renaissance Dennis the Menace. Her writing style can be called poetic and thought provoking. Education -TV and Film writing at UCLA,  AA degree work at Santa Barbara City College in Music and theater Arts. Film work – Marta pursued film projects, pitching to Hanna-Barbera, Amblin Entertainment, Guber-Peters, Canal Plus, and other independent producers. Other accomplishments -Founded a computer training center in the Santa Barbara CA area with special needs kids, unwed mothers, and seniors and made multimedia content for clients.  Other writing forays include Presidential campaigns speech writing, and policy statements. Musically, her songs can be found on Pandora and other music content services.  Marta(Missy M) has a growing fan base through her work as MJAM Music.

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