Film Projects

Young Leonardo

A feature length screenplay

By Marta Jorgensen (Missy M)

LOGLINE: Eleven-year-old Leonardo da Vinci, the Dennis the Menace of Vinci with an I.Q. of 4000(not really) is a quirky, lonely genius who lives in his imagination. His mission is to stop the egomaniacal art teacher, Master Guiseppifrutti, from bombing all the art works in Florence and to rescue his buddy, eleven-year-old Mona Lisa.
SYNOPSIS:Eleven-year-old Leonardo da Vinci is the nerdy tech Dennis the Menace of the Renaissance. He lives in the sleepy hamlet of Vinci where he alternately amazes and terrorizes his family, father, Ser Piero and stepmother, Albiera. Most of his inventions are brilliant catastrophes but it’s really not his fault. Every time he tries to be a normal boy who obeys the rules, his pet crow, Crow, whispers an incredibly great idea that’s sure to work (this time). But no one believes that the crow keeps egging him on because Leonardo is the only one who hears him talking. Crow knows just how to tap into Leonardo’s big dream of becoming the first human in history to fly. The boy is given an ultimatum…learn a trade!! So, his father sends him to Baker’s Apprentice School in Florence. He’s quickly thrown out for mischief. Starving and alone, Leo and Crow wander through Florence and find the Guiseppifruuti School of Art, where they meet the evil, flamboyant Guiseppifrutti (a 15th Century Salvador Dali type). Leo becomes a student. While there, he learns about the Master’s plan to bomb Florence to destroy his rivals and also meets eleven-year-old, Mona Lisa, a poor street girl who want to learn to paint. Leonardo and Mona Lisa must save the day!
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Young Leonardo by Marta Jorgensen


A feature length screenplay.

Sci-fi about Greenhouse I, a space station for the world’s plants and animals. Here’s a collage of my favorite comic book and scifi art to give the flavor of what this story looks like.



Greenhouse by Marta Jorgensen


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